Yoga Personal Training



The client’s requirements are first and foremost in personal training yoga. A comprehensive analysis and individual discussion is a pre-requisite for an effective training’s concept. The client’s requirements can be ascertained during apreliminary discussion and can thus be integrated into the training programme. Various topics can be highlighted such as

Stress reduction

Enhancing own yoga practice


Physical ailments, such as back pain

Weight reduction



An individual concept will be put together including various components according to the client’s individual needs. They could include the following:

Yoga instruction

Relaxation practices

Respiration training

Ayurvedictreatment / massages

Ayurvedicconstitution determination

Ayurvedic diet consultation

Ayurvedic cooking courses

The introductory packet consists of 3 units, which include an extensive discussion and the first 2 appointments, as determined during the first appointment and according to the client’s needs.

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