Private Yoga Classes


Private, personalized yoga lessons, designed to suit your personal requirements. You decide when and where you would like to take your class, I am happy to visit you, whether you live in Ibiza or are here on holiday.

No pressure for you to rush to a crowded class, as I adapt your sessions entirely to your individual needs.

Would you like to relieve stress, bring more serenity and harmony back into your life? How would you like to develop a more conscious awareness of yourself? Or are you looking to do your body good, to be more agile and flexible? I highly recommend relaxing Yin Yoga classes of 60 to 75 minutes.

If you prefer a more energetic form of Yoga, as well as a varied class, I offer holistic Hatha Yoga classes with breathing exercises, Sun Salutations, Yoga postures and a deep final relaxation of either 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes.

I will gladly put an individual programme together for you which includes a combination of Yoga and Ayurveda, according to your schedule, no matter whether you only have a few days, weeks or would like a long-term programme.

Please contact me for any questions and we can discuss which form of Yoga suits you and meets your current requirements best.

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