Ayurveda is a century old Indian system of retaining health in body, mind, soul and spirit. Ayurveda means “the science of life”. When Ayurveda is practiced in a holistic way it then extends throughout all areas of life, covering not only diet but also a medical system.

One of the most pleasant and beneficial aspects of Ayurveda are the special Ayurvedic massages, which are notable for the use of high quality oils, which are heated before being massaged into the body.

A good method ofdelving into the Ayurvedic experience more deeply is an Ayurvedic constitution determination. In this way you are able to find out more about your own Ayurvedic constitution and thus make living according to Ayurvedic principles more accessible.

You have the possibility of receiving a dosha determination if you wish to benefit even more from ayurveda, and thus learn more about your ayurvedic constitution in order to be able to live according to the ayurvedic principles.

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